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On this page we will recommend the best areas to stay in Hawaii according to each island. We will also show you different types of hotel and the best places to sleep in Hawaii as well as many other other countries’ tours like cappadocia tour from istanbul so you can choose the one that best suits you.

Where to stay in Hawaii?-Best areas to stay in Oahu
The vast majority of tourists who travel to Hawaii, go through Oahu and book their stay in Honolulu, as it is the capital and the largest town in Hawaii. There are several areas to stay in Honolulu, we will discuss the most advisable.
First of all, if what you are looking for is the sun and the beach, it is advisable to book accommodation in the Waikiki district. This neighborhood that is located in front of the beach (and is the most frequented by travelers). In Waikiki you will find a lot of hotel offerings and it is a completely safe area for tourists. In the district of Waikiki is the area of Western Honolulu, and is perhaps the most important place for tourism in the city. It is located in front of the sea and is closer to the Zoo, an ideal area to stay in Hawaii.
Here we leave you a link with the entire hotel offer of Oahu

Places to visit
No doubt Hawaii is very famous for its stunning beaches and landscapes. And, as you can see, on this website we have dedicated an extensive article to recommend those places for sunbathing, as well as the sites that every lover of the beauties of nature can not miss (forests, gardens, volcanoes, impressive coves ).

We recommend that you visit the sections dedicated to the different things that you can find in each island of Hawaii, so that you can find out in detail about each of the corners of the archipelago.

If you are a lover of beaches and want to take advantage of your stay in Hawaii to enjoy the best beaches of the archipelago, you should know that the entire archipelago is conducive to this type of activity; however, we recommend you visit Laalao (it offers stunning sunsets), Holoholokai (where you can dive and discover a wonderful endemic marine world) and Kolekole (a beautiful paradise surrounded by greenery).
If you want to make a more complete visit, do not stay just in the enjoyment of the beaches, then we show you a list of the most prominent sites in each of the most relevant islands.

What to visit in Hawaii? Big Island (Hawaii)
You should not miss this island when you travel to Hawaii. Since, although all the islands are recommendable places to make tourism, here concentrates the greater vegetal diversity of all the island. You can find varied landscapes and enjoy stunning beaches.

And since we do not want you to be overwhelmed with the amount of things to do that there is in the Big Island (Hawaii), we have dedicated an article specifically to this island, in which we detail all the relevant information.

It is worth mentioning that if you travel to Hawaii you should not miss visiting Kailua-Kona and Hilo (the two most important cities of the island, each with particular alternatives for fun and relaxation). You should also stop by the natural parks of Puukohola Heiau and South Point Park, (where you can discover interesting waterfalls in the middle of impressive terrain). If you have not visited islands of volcanic origin before, we are convinced that this experience will surprise you very much. To complete the experience you must get closer to the Volcanoes National Park, because it will be another place that will stick in your memory forever.